Athletic Gorilla is a unique collection that appeals to both sports enthusiasts and collectors of sports art. The collection includes a series of nostalgic designed characters that pay homage to the sports teams that made history. Each character is available in a 1/1 limited edition with a carefully curated catalog of resources.

Athletic Gorilla is not only perfect for those looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their digital art collection, but it's an entry into an ecosystem that will grow across all frontiers of the Web 3 space. don't want to miss the Web 3 community which will be the hottest in the very near future.


Mint from collection

Access to the Rarity Tool tab

Access to Staking

Creation of the CryptoMonnais AG$

Mint from AG Pixel collections

Access to the Store

Creation of Social Network for the Sale of Nft for High Level Athletes

Public Launch of AG$

Mint from the AG Mutant

Creation of Sport Games, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey

Creation of an entertainment blockchain